Used IT EquipmentUsed IT Equipment

When you are on a budget, but need the best quality machines, buying used IT equipment is a great solution. Typically, this equipment has been returned to the manufacturer or to the vendor for minor problems. It can be as insignificant as a scratched or dented case. In other cases, the equipment may not have had a particular feature the original owner was expecting. What we do is buy this equipment, ensure it’s in full working order, and then resell it to you for a huge discount. You can’t lose. You’ll get top quality equipment for much less than you would pay for the same exact device brand new.

Refurbished ServersRefurbished Servers

Returned and refurbished servers or other equipment is repaired or adjusted before being returned to the shelves and resold. This is your opportunity to save huge amounts of money on high quality equipment. Unless the equipment is badly damaged, it is carefully refurbished, examined, tested and restored to the best possible condition.

Technology Trading Partners also offers refurbished routers and other equipment at affordable prices. The condition is as-good-as-new and the prices are unbeatable. Best of all, we always offer our standard 30 day parts and labor warranty.

You can feel confident buying your used IT equipment for Technology Trading Partners You can expect excellent customer service and speedy responsiveness when you work with us. Our Techs are at the top of their game and go through a meticulous process to ensure every product we sell is in pristine condition.

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eBay title image_Networks & Phones_LastWhen purchasing refurbished equipment from us, you can rest assured that all equipment we sell is authentic to the OEM that initially sold it to the end-user. We sell a variety of IT related products from the following brands: Enterasys, Polycom, APC, Nortel, Juniper, HP, Foundry, Dell, Cisco, Avaya, and many others.

More About Refurbished IT Equipment

Once we acquire hardware, it is put through rigorous testing and our extensive refurbishing process. This process ensures us that we can be 100% confident that the products meet or exceed our customers’ standards backed by a replacement or refund warranty. Our technicians test, check, and re-check, every processor, hard drive, memory module, Ethernet port, USB connector and every other part of a desktop, laptop, server, router, switch, telephone, keyboard and all the rest of the thousands of hardware parts that pass through our doors annually.

We also make sure that any cosmetic blemishes are cleared so that the product is returned as much as possible to its original out of the factory box condition.


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