Sell Old Computers

Today, there are several generations of computers which have outlived their usefulness. When it is time to dispose of the hardware, there may be questions you have about how to do so responsibly. Sending the old computer to the landfill is not the most eco-friendly act of today’s standards, so instead, after wiping the data from the hard drive, many people are choosing to sell old computers to companies like Technology Trading Partners. By selling the old units to us, you’re able obtain some cash for the equipment which is definitely better than just throwing your money away.

Network Hardware Resale Services

At Technology Trading Partners we have developed a simple process to appraise your used networking equipment so you get top dollar for your hardware. The value of the used equipment varies according to its age and condition. Buying network hardware resale equipment is an everyday practice for us. We do our very best to offer all of our clients top dollar for the equipment they sell to us.

What We Do With The Used Equipment

Sometimes the equipment we buy is disposed of for “junk” value. We may be looking for reclaiming parts or the base materials, but for the most part, we typically dismantle, salvage what we can, and send it off to the recycler’s if the equipment is obsolete or in very poor condition. We still do our best to give you top dollar when you sell used computers to us, but sometimes it’s just not possible to pay more than the junk value. For all other equipment, we refurbish it back to optimal performance and resell it to our clients throughout the world.

Contact us today for a free appraisal of your used equipment. We have no limitations. If you have old computers, or networking equipment to sell, we want to get first crack at it.

Sell Old Computers

Our Logistics Are Unmatched

Our logistical capability allows us to ship equipment across the country in a timely manner. No matter if it’s a few items which require a box, a few dozen items which require pallets, or a few hundred items which require a full truck, we will pick it up, pack it, and haul it away.

For equipment located in Maryland and surrounding states, we usually pick up with our own transportation. Outside of our traveled area, one of our trusted carrier partners will do just as expedited service as we would personally.

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