Selling Your Surplus Equipment

At times IT departments purchase more equipment than is necessary. That may be done for redundancy, to have spares, or it’s done in error. In other situations, not all planned    projects are implemented. This results in an inventory of Unused Surplus equipment which may or may not be in original manufacturer packaging. Our staff is trained to locate buyers for this equipment and in the process recover the capital spent on the unused product. Although the amounts recovered are not full purchase price, it still sends money back into the Cap-X budgets so it can be allocated for more useful and beneficial purposes.

Upgrading? Downsizing?

As organizations grow and technologies evolve, an upgrading process takes place where old systems are replaced with newer, more powerful, and more efficient. This always raises the question of what to do with the old systems which tend to become liabilities. Our responsibility to clients is to turn those liabilities into assets. That is exactly what we do! Whatever the old system consists of, if it has value, we will purchase it and provide the client a return on their original investment. At times organizations are looking to downsize, in order to maintain or achieve profitability. As part of the restructuring process, IT assets are often decommissioned and need to be sold. Frequently, the equipment is still fairly current and holds a higher value than for example that equipment which goes through an upgrade. It is our job to unlock that value and again return the proceeds to our clients.

How does the Selling Process Work?

If you have equipment available, please fill out the Inventory Form and email it or fax it to us for an evaluation. You will receive a response within 24 hours. If the equipment has value, we will make an offer. Once the offer is accepted, we will arrange for shipping at our expense, and provide payment in full prior to pick up. If inventory can not be performed please contact us and we will help with the process. If the equipment has no resale value we can dispose of it in an environmentally sound way at a certified recycling or reuse facility, however we do not pay for shipping in such a case. The recycling of e-waste has become a prominent issue in the computer/networking industry. Going through us will ensure that your electronic waste is disposed of in a proper manner while also recovering some of your investments.

Sell Old Computers

Secondary Market Commodity

Once technology becomes part of the secondary market it is commoditized. Much like gold or crude, the price of used equipment is determined by the supply and demand in the market. Our expertise in this commodity field allows us to offer our clients a solid return on their technology investment. Our goal is to maximize the financial benefits to our clients in a timely manner with minimum hassle. Quick sale of equipment becomes essential since technology depreciates at a faster rate than most other tangible assets. Other ways our clients benefit include savings on storage fees, inventory expenses, labor expenses, transportation costs and taxes. No matter the size of the project or organization, our logistical capability combined with our sales and marketing expertise can move inventory quickly with a solid return on investment.

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