The core base of our business is purchasing used equipment from end-users who no longer need it. Take-outs, as they are often referred to, require logistical management, planning and coordination with the client. With more than 20 years experience in this industry, you can be sure that take-outs are handled professionally and in a timely manner with least hassle and disruption to the client’s operations. Whether you have a few small items or a truck load of a data center, we will remove it according to your requirements and schedule. We are fully insured to work in any size or type of building in an urban or suburban area, and can provide a COI (Certificate of Insurance) as required by building management.

Prior to doing a take-out, it is necessary to make sure that all equipment has been properly de-installed. This means that it should not be in use by any of the client’s staff and prepared to be shut down. It is our preference that the client ensures the proper shutdown of their IT systems and cut all high voltage power to the equipment. Our team then takes over and unplugs all low voltage connections as well as remove the equipment from racks and offices as deemed necessary. We provide all the hand tools and labor necessary to make sure the safe and complete de-installation of all technology assets.

After the equipment marked for take-out has been de-installed, we provide transportation and logistical support to remove everything from the client’s site. From a small van, to a straight truck, or a tractor trailer load, we will make sure that the transportation is handled promptly, responsibly, and in coordination with the client. Regardless if it ships cross-country or across the street, once the assets are removed from a client’s site, they become our responsibility.

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