Computer Liquidation Services

Liquidation services for computers and other technology helps companies transition from one type, or level, of business to another. When equipment is no longer needed or usable, liquid technology is a very effective method of reducing operational expenses. Liquidation can offer a source of dependable revenue which is then available to more effectively serve other areas of the business.

Technology Trading Partners would love to partner up with your business to offer our assistance in helping you determine what end-of-life devices you have that may be worth some money. Cash flow can be a very critical factor, whether the business is growing or downsizing. Obtaining cash for assets which are no longer needed for the day to day business operations reflects good cash management techniques and we can show you how to optimize your liquidation process.

Computer Liquidator | What’s That?

A computer liquidator has the knowledge and skills to take care of out-of-service hardware. This allows the business to obtain the best return on its initial investment. Our consultants are experienced and know exactly how to determine what your best options are for retiring your old IT equipment.

Disposing of Old IT Equipment

Technology Trading Partners liquid technologies services meet or exceed any regulatory stipulations for the safe disposal of redundant equipment and electronics. When the equipment is liquidated, the selling business can be assured that all requirements for protection of data are met. The liquidator oversees every step of the process from transport to disk destruction to recycling or disposal of used equipment.

on-site liquidation

Over time organizations accumulate equipment which takes up valuable space. In order to free up space increase ROI TTP can conduct a sale at a client’s location for a complete or partial liquidation. We conduct on-site sales either with a direct marketing program which involves the use of our staff or through our relationships with local and national auctioneers. We can provide asset liquidation services to organizations of any size and in any geographical region.This process allows the client to have possession and control of equipment until the sale is complete. For this service, TTP charges a negotiated fee based on the total sale proceeds, volume of equipment, geographic location, as well as other factors.

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