Asset Recovery

Asset recovery is also known as investment recovery or resource recovery. When assets near the end of their useful life, they may still have some value, though to access it requires divesting oneself of the specific asset. It can be a balancing act to determine when to capture the remaining value of the asset in cash, and when to continue with further utilization of the asset. If a company is being liquidated, assets are likely to be sold or divested at the highest possible value. Technology Trading Partners can help you decide on which course of action to take.

IT Asset Recovery

When there is excess inventory or refurbished items that are no longer wanted, there is no reason to keep them around taking up space and absorbing operating cash. IT asset recovery procedures identifies one of two things pertaining to your hardware. Obsolete equipment can cost your company money through increased repair and maintenance costs, or make you money, depending on the equity left in the products, by selling it off. Periodic review of the assets of a business, with consideration of the remaining value, will help to make the most of your businesses IT assets.


When assistance is needed to determine the best approach for the liquidation of your outdated equipment, the asset recovery specialist at Technology Trading Partners is the expert to call. Our pro’s have the best understanding asset management and how to get the most value from your out-of-use items. Our specialist is able to look over assets of all types in order to determine what would be the proper disposition and when. If you’re unsure what to do, call us. We are here to help and we’re happy to offer a free consultation on our services.


What is Investment Recovery? Simply put, it is the remaining value of a capital expediture for which products were purchased for a specific purpose in order to achieve a desired outcome and benefit. Once the objective has been achieved and the purchased products’ usefulness and benefit has diminished, we help our clients recover the remaining asset value of those items.

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