Getting the process of IT Asset Management down is no easy task. We offer solutions that will help any size business, growing or downsizing, manage their IT assets.

IT Asset Management Best Practices

Managing assets is critical for efficiency in all organizations. TTP can provide the tools and service necessary to fully and completely manage IT assets and infrastructure. Once engaged by a client to manage assets, we conduct a thorough audit of all equipment regardless if it’s all in a single location or multiple offices around the country.

Asset Management System

With the help of our Asset Management Partners an asset management software package, will track inventory in such detail to not only determine the location of an item but also it’s original cost, current fair market value, lease details, depreciation, maintenance, and repair history.The system is updated as new equipment is purchased and assets no longer required for operations are retired and disposed. As equipment is retired from service, we provide complete disposal services.

Our logistical capabilities allow us to pick up equipment in and around major cities worldwide. We can provide temporary storage of equipment until a decision is made regarding redeployment or sale. If assets have value, we will offer top dollar and make the purchase outright. If equipment has no value, we will dispose of it at a recycling facility in an environmentally sound way. Please contacts directly so that we can accurately determine the specific needs of your organization.

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