Data Destruction

data destructionSecurity of data which has been stored on a computer is usually accomplished by features such as firewalls, network security and other more sophisticated measures. When it is time to dispose of the equipment, many owners don’t realize that additional methods must be taken to avoid unwanted access to data which has been placed on the hard drive over its lifetime and that’s where Technology Trading Partners data destruction services come in. We make sure your equipment is 100% wiped before it’s destroyed.

Before disposing of computer equipment, it is very important to ensure that steps are taken to be certain of data destruction. Contacting Technology Trading Partners to help with the destruction of your data could quite possibly be one of the best business decisions you can make. What would happen if your business data wound up in the hands of your competition, or even worse, criminals?

Hard Drive Destruction Services

Hard drive destruction is a service Technology Trading Partners offers to ensure our clients physical hard drives are completely destroyed. Ensuring this is particularly important when the data on the device is of a highly sensitive nature. There are various ways of handling the process, depending upon the type of device and the volume of destruction which must be completed and we’re skilled in every method available today.

What absolute data destruction does is this, the data is rendered completely unreadable and cannot be accessed or utilized for any unauthorized purposes. Three main methods are utilized to accomplish the destruction process. These are overwriting, filling all available open spaces on the drive with random data, and shredding, or physically mangling the drive so that data cannot be recovered.

There are standards set by governmental agencies for the level of security and destruction which must be maintained and we comply with them all. If you have a need for physical hard drive or data destruction services, please contact us. Our techs and consultants are standing by to answer all of your questions.

Data Destruction Reasons

In today’s world of high tech crime, nothing is more prevalent than identity theft. To ensure that sensitive personal or business information is not accessed, companies go through great lengths and expense to ensure their security by means of data destruction.

Erasing Sensitive Data

The data destruction process is critical to ensuring security to your clients. When servers and computers are decommissioned, we highly recommend our customers wipe all hard drives clean with one of the many software programs available on the market. Even though we wipe all hard drives that we receive for resale, we still urge our clients to handle that process so they are completely confident in disposing all equipment.

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