Benefits of Using Technology Trading Partners

Technology Trading Partners LLC is an IT and Telecom services firm specializing in sales and logistics of pre-owned technology. Whether you’re in a data center in Virginia, a large corporate office in California, a satellite office in New York, or a back up site in Texas, selling and moving your IT and telecom assets should be a breeze.

If your organization is Upgrading, Downsizing, Moving to the Cloud, or just has excess equipment not being utilized such as data center network and server infrastructure, telephone and telecommunications systems, desktops, laptops, and tablet devices, back-up systems and so on, our professional team of IT specialists can assist. Part of our value-added service is investment recovery which allows clients to leverage their technology by selling off their non-performing tech assets and re-investing the proceeds into equipment they require for growth and expansion.

The service we provide to our customers is based off our extensive evaluation process. TTP will be able to determine the most efficient, the least time-consuming, and the most profitable solution for organizations to turn their stagnant capital into working capital. Our team of highly qualified specialists will study and research your company’s unique situation. After we evaluate all variables, TTP will offer the best options available to resolve a situation with the most beneficial results to your organization.


  • Cost and time beneficial IT relocation services
  • Purchase of Excess equipment
  • Sourcing of Refurbished equipment
  • Realized savings of labor, storage, and logistics expenses
  • Knowledgeable and Experienced IT specialists

While disposal of surplus assets is vital to preserving capital, adjusting procurement habits is just as important. Why spend more on new equipment, when you can purchase refurbished equipment that will serve the same purpose that will have a warranty and support. TTP has established relationships with resellers, dealers, and integrators nationwide, in Europe and Asia. Using TTP will give you exclusive access to the inventory we have in stock and within the dealer networks we are connected to help with sourcing parts and complete systems. Creating a relationship with us will allow our clients to have access to a valuable resource in their daily procurement requirements.

Our knowledge and 20+ years industry experience has enabled us to provide the highest caliber service efficiently with high returns to our clients. Relocating and selling surplus technology assets is simple and straight forward if you deal with a company that understands the secondary market and logistics, and can offer Its experience to your organization. Although environmental issues is a priority, our approach to recycling is looking at surplus tech as an ASSET not as a LIABILITY. Our goal is to Maximize your Return On Investment and Minimize the Hassle!

Maximize Value

Minimize Hassle

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